CMMS Systems – Where to start?

While looking at subjects to address with my peers, I am constantly reminded of tools we use that are ever evolving, always available, and are capable of taking our accuracy to the next level. The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is just that tool. At T5, we take pride in all the offerings that we provide to our customers. When putting together a new opportunity, or preparing to upgrade another, we are challenged to find a solution that fits all of our customer’s requirement. Is it Critical spare parts inventory? Is it PM metrics? Is it scheduling of required maintenance per Industry standards? Is it customer visibility and communication?

These are some of the questions that are answered through the Horizonline CMMS. We take the barest of information and transform it into a true Asset Management evolution. The assets and equipment are documented in a database that also allows for tracking of several critical areas including: critical spares inventory, frequency of maintenance, subcontractor management, processes and procedures (SOPs and MOPs), and integration with customer ticketing systems in real time.

The highly customizable nature of our CMMS meets the needs of our most discerning Data Centers users. Not only is a best in class CMMS system imperative, but it is a driver for continued business success. As a partner to our customers, T5 leverages the capabilities of our CMMS system to exceed our customer’s expectations for visibility into the status of the data center and due diligence compliance.

Operators are given the tools to continuously improve the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance aspects of our business. With a road map (CMMS), and direction, we show that T5 has industry-leading standards and analytics that can be honed into World Class operations for your business. Utilizing all aspects of the CMMS system is a key driver to cost savings, minimized downtime, and ensuring that any CAPEX or OPEX expenditures are accurately tracked and cataloged. T5 takes ownership of the process, while providing ‘boots on the ground’ support and actionable data to our customers that is in the upper echelon of the Data Center markets.

Using the CMMS is not just for scheduling maintenance evolutions, it is a great tool to ensure that all segments of our operations are accurately and effectively implemented. Customer visibility, coordination, tracking, metrics and implementation make the T5 difference. At T5, our utilization of leading CMMS solutions is a just one example how we do the right things, with the right tools, and as always, the right people.

Interested in a CMMS system for your business? Look no further than T5 Data Centers, contact us for an effective and highly customizable solution.

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