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Single tenant, multi-tenant, colocation;
we serve the needs of the
discerning corporate user.

T5 develops and operates data centers for modern business.  From big data, cloud and high performance computing to whatever comes next, T5 data centers are designed from the ground up with the flexibility and scalability to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.  At T5, we let our customers deploy their capital on their business while providing them with the assurance that they never again have to worry if their mission critical functions are running.


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Our Solutions

  • T5 Data Center ServicesColocation

    Project-based colocation solutions tailored to Modern Enterprise IT / Big Data strategies.Learn More
  • T5 Data Center ServicesWholesale

    T5 builds and operates fully commissioned and server-ready enterprise-grade data centers in strategic markets available for lease to the world’s best companies – and those on their way there.Learn More
  • T5 Data Center ServicesBuild-to-Suit Program

    T5 Data Centers takes clients through a rigorous process for selecting each member of their delivery team.Learn More
  • T5 Data Center ServicesPowered Shell

    T5 develops purpose-built data center powered shell buildings for lease in prime locations.Learn More
  • T5 Data Center ServicesSale Lease-Back

    T5 provides sale lease-back solutions for end users seeking to monetize their currently owned data center.Learn More

Meet the Solutions Team

  • Tim Bright Tim Bright
    EVP, Hyperscale / International Markets

    Tim is responsible for leasing T5’s international portfolio of Tier 3, concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant enterprise grade data centers, focusing on large enterprise and hyper-scale markets, and build-to-suit pursuits.

    Learn more about Tim Bright
  • Jimmy Bailey Jimmy Bailey
    Chief Development Officer

    Jimmy Bailey leads T5’s development activities nationally for all of T5’s data centers. In this role he directs the design, engineering, construction and commissioning efforts for every T5 project and is responsible for making sure every project delivers at or below budget and on schedule.

    Learn more about Jimmy Bailey
  • Frank-Lyles Frank Lyles
    Chief Business Officer

    As Chief Business Officer for T5, Frank Lyles is responsible for acquisitions, data center site selection, compliance, and legal.

    Learn more about Frank Lyles

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