Solar and Renewable Energy

Align your data center needs with your sustainability goals

Since 2008, the T5 team has helped customers plan strategically and implement sustainable practices, from initial design, through procurement and construction. Let T5 help you align your data center and sustainability goals.


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Solar panels
Industry Collaboration

T5 Joins iMasons Net Zero Initiative

Net zero is the future of our industry and our planet. To make this vision real, T5 has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA) to drive carbon reduction in the digital infrastructure industry. Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) supports collaboration, standards setting, and creating models towards achieving a sustainable future. We’re proud to be part of it. Learn more at and #DatacloudGlobalCongress.

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Powered by nZero

24/7 Carbon Tracking & Reporting

T5 has partnered with nZero to provide a real-time, efficient, and transparent digital carbon tracking and reporting platform enabling our customers to optimize their energy consumption and further their environmental sustainability goals.  If you measure it, you can improve it.

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Solar panels
The Right Mix

Optimize Your Power Strategy

Create the optimal mix of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to align your data center needs with your overall corporate sustainability initiatives.

Modular, air-cooled chillers
Sustainable Design

Zero Water
Loss Cooling

T5 employs modular, air-cooled chillers to create a highly expandable system with WUE=0 and a vanishingly small carbon footprint. Our closed-loop air-cooled systems keep your IT infrastructure running at optimum temperatures while conserving our precious natural resources.

Sustainability and Renewables

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