Do Beards Matter? On Data Center Solutions and Fads

Beards won’t give you a workable data center solution
Picture from: New York Daily News

By now I’m sure you’ve all been subject to the team of Lumberjacks playing in the World Series.  I expect it from hockey players but baseball?  Ok Boston, I get it – your beards are a symbol of unity and strength and perhaps even the source of a bit of psychological intimidation aimed at your opponents.  Well guys, it’s time to shave.  The beards don’t make the Boston Red Sox a better baseball team.  Great athletes, solid coaching and even a little luck over the course of the season are what have gotten them to the big dance.  My point is, quality is not a superficial characteristic – whether it’s sports, business or life, quality is something that’s deeply engrained into a product or a person or a team.

In the data center world, we’re continually bombarded with countless self-serving articles and ads touting the next big trend or product that will save money or make your company better.  Let’s face it: data centers are the foundation of modern business, without which communication and commerce would grind to a halt.  Thus, it’s incumbent on business executives to carefully vet and weigh their options when it comes to selecting the right partner for data center services.

At T5, we start every customer presentation asking the question “What matters most?”  Why?  Because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all data center solutions.  Instead, we work with our customers to craft the appropriate solution to fit their unique needs.  What makes us different is we start with a proven and flexible baseline data center configuration that can then be quickly modified to meet our customers’ needs in terms of reliability, redundancy and resiliency.  It’s your business – we just make sure you never go down.

At T5, we don’t hide behind a beard or the latest buzzwords – we’re focused on providing unique data center solutions for each of our customers.  Quality is woven into the fabric of every decision we make – that’s what makes us “Top Tier.  Bottom Line.”

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