The Top 5 Things to Be T5 Forever Safe

Forever Safe. Forever On. At T5, it’s not just a motto. It’s something we strive for and achieve every day in our data centers and those we build, manage, and operate on behalf of our customers. We have many protocols and procedures in place, but we do have a top five that we rely on to keep operations running smoothly and safely. They include:

  • Have a Plan in Place 
  • Review Safety Issues Before They Happen
  • Empower the Workforce 
  • Educate our Team 
  • Communication is Key

First and foremost, we owe our success to our employees across our entire T5 portfolio of projects. From our executive team to our on-site teams, T5 is fully committed to the continued success of our safety measures. And we are able to maintain this commitment because we provide our employees with the key tools they need to succeed: content, leaders, and communication.

As a core process, every job we do has a Method of Procedure (MOP) statement in place. We also conduct a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for each task within the MOP. This is a team concept, not just an individual undertaking. Our employees review and record all the steps and all the potential hazards they identify on each job. This allows employees, and vendors alike, to be aware of any potential hazard that could arise at any point of the job on the front end before any work begins.

We consider each employee a leader. All of our employees have “Stop Work” authority. If a job is not progressing the way it is supposed to, every employee is empowered to call a halt, review as a team, create a new MOP and JHA to address the unanticipated risk. This ensures that every member of the team is comfortable doing the job. This level of proactive safety awareness is what every business wants to ensure for their employees. At T5, the company is empowering its employees to prioritize their safety by putting the power in their hands.

In addition, we communicate with our team through a monthly safety committee meeting, newsletters and administrative tools, such as our Stop Work card. Our environmental, health and safety team stays in contact with leadership and employees on a regular basis. Additionally, our team members are encouraged to engage in as many safety awareness programs as possible.

“This is my resource that allows me to consult and keep on top of any questions. We have a number of programs, audits, inspections, etc. and we are conducting annual environmental health safety training, going above and beyond what OSHA requires,” says Gerald Mckie, T5’s Director for Environmental, Health and Safety. “We engage our employees. We empower them. They are able to speak up and ask questions, and they don’t take saying something lightly. They raise any issues that they see as potential hazards.”

At T5, our leadership team and on-site managers invest a lot of time making sure our team makes safety their first priority. It’s gratifying to see that investment pay off – even more so when it means we are keeping our employees safe and our customers up and running 100% of the time. T5 is proud to be your data center partner for success. To see how T5 can keep your critical facility Forever Safe and Forever On, contact our team today!

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