T5 Data Centers Announces New Enterprise Data Center in Silicon Valley, CA

(Silicon Valley, CA – Oct. 6, 2020) Today, T5 Data Center announces its recent acquisition of a previously enterprise-owned data center located in Newark, CA. The newly minted T5@Silicon Valley currently features an existing 128,000 SF building with 17 critical MW of power, however, T5 will develop an additional 32.1 MW, 180,000 SF building on the site, bringing the campus’s total available power capacity to 49.1 MW to meet the growing needs of hyperscale cloud customers.  

“We’re excited to bring T5’s lifecycle solutions to one of the top data center markets in the country,” says T5’s President and CEO Pete Marin. “Not only will our new facility showcase our best-in-class development solutions, but this facility also gives T5 a solid position in one of the most supply-constrained data center markets in the U.S.”  

Located in the East Bay suburb of Newark, CA, T5@Silicon Valley takes advantage of the PG&E Direct Access program that provides customers with aggressive power rates comparable to Silicon Valley Power and high reliability. In addition to an almost 50 MW power capacity, T5@Silicon Valley features flexible data hall density to support variable loads, renewable solar solutions and high-efficiency N+1 mechanical cooling support to minimize water and energy consumption. 

Previously owned by a Fortune 100 enterprise, the facility offers a foundation for T5 to implement its Uptime Award-Winning development and operations solutions for current and prospective tenants. 

In locations beyond Silicon Valley, T5 continues to expand its footprint throughout the country’s top data center markets, including new hyperscale and enterprise projects currently under construction in Chicago, Portland and Atlanta, and existing facilities in Los Angelas, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati. “With the addition of Silicon Valley, T5 is better positioned to provide best-in-class data center lifecycle solutions to our growing portfolio of customers across the country,” says David Horowitz, Executive Vice President of Sales.

About T5

T5 Data Centers (T5) is the premier lifecycle data center partner headquartered in Atlanta, GA. T5 provides comprehensive data center services, ranging from development and mission-critical construction to leasing, outsourced facility management and IT data hall operations for organizations across North America and Europe. Learn more about T5 online at or by phone at 888.239.7133.

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