T5 Data Centers Announces Appointment of Ben Hilderbrand to Executive Vice President of Construction Services

ATLANTA, Ga. – May 20, 2024 – T5 Data Centers (T5), the data center industry’s only full lifecycle data center partner, proudly announces the promotion  of Ben Hilderbrand from Senior Vice President to  Executive Vice President of Construction Services. In this pivotal role, Hilderbrand will lead the strategic direction and vision of the construction services division, focusing on building the digital infrastructure transforming the world.

Committed to impacting the company strategy and vision, Hilderbrand focuses on professional and personal development for team members, promoting a collaborative environment that values continuous learning and growth. With over 16 years of experience in the data center industry in mission-critical areas, Ben has managed preconstruction and project management for T5 in field operations since 2018. Hilderbrand embodies a collaborative leadership approach, fostering an environment where continuous learning and growth are paramount.

“We are thrilled to have Ben assume the role of Executive Vice President of Construction Services,” stated Tom Mertz, Chief Operating Officer. “We explored a number of candidates outside of T5 and it was abundantly clear that Ben was the right person for this role. With his leadership, we are poised to drive our construction services division to new heights and further cement our position as a leader in the industry.”

Having been immersed in the world of construction from a young age, Hilderbrand attributes his career trajectory to his early experiences on job sites alongside his father. His guiding principles of attitude, preparation, and effort have been instrumental in his journey to leadership within T5.

“I am eager to harness our team’s collective experience and drive forward our commitment to building the digital infrastructure that shapes the future. I am extremely proud of T5’s unique expertise, gleaned through deep experience working in production data centers. We have proven our ability to effectively manage risk and deliver projects safely, on time and budget,” comments Hilderbrand. “With dedication to our customers’ success, I am excited to lead our division towards new milestones.”

T5 prioritizes safety, transparent communication, and a full lifecycle approach to project delivery. As a general contractor serving data center customers, the company focuses on delivering complex turnkey projects and offering construction management services encompassing all project delivery phases. With an owner’s mindset, T5 strives to address customers’ specific project requirements creatively and effectively.

Hilderbrand is poised to spearhead this effort, having been an integral part of the construction services team since its early days. His leadership philosophy, centered on earning respect daily, aligns seamlessly with T5’s values and team-led growth culture. His role will also support T5’s greater mission to concentrate its data center solutions in interconnected, hyperscale campuses to provide development, construction services and facilities management for continuous uptime and 24/7 support.

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About T5 Data Centers

Through three lines of business T5 Data Centers (T5) develops, constructs, and operates data centers for the companies that are changing the world through AI and technology innovation.  We develop build-to-suit data center solutions across our campuses and uniquely deliver construction and facility management as services within our customer’s own data centers.  Inherent in T5’s business is the flexibility to support our customer’s design, capex, and fit out preferences, while allowing them to select the operations model that best fits their business requirements. Developing our own facilities instills an ownership mindset that distinguishes our services through transparent communication, integration of the entire data center lifecycle, and expectations on quality, speed, and budget, whether on a T5 campus or at our customer’s data centers.  We have a magnetic culture, centered by a pursuit of excellence mindset, that attracts exceptional individuals to our team and fosters the growth environment where our award-winning employees can thrive. With a 16-year track record of successfully managing execution and operations risk our customers can be confident that T5 will safely deliver on our commitment to Forever On performance.

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