Is Los Angeles just a Snapchat shot or a brief
Tinder flame in the flash pan of Tech?!

California is generally thought of as great weather, sandy beaches, and generally an incubator for the startup environment. But, there’s a storm brewing and the Silicon Valley isn’t benefiting from it… this disruption is headed for Southern California, and that includes Los Angeles!

Have you heard of Silicon Beach? Like its namesake 400 miles north, Silicon Beach is benefitting from a dramatic rise in tech. But, in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Startups like Tradesy, Tinder, Snapchat and Whisper have all decided to take their creativity and distance themselves from the Silicon Valley. Many people are asking the question: why?

“Silicon Beach”

With new technology surrounding the “Mobile” and “Tech” industries, this new wave of startups literally wants to ride it out and work on the beach… This new wave of creative, hungry, techies started up where they thought the true “best coast” is, down in an area of LA that’s come to be called Silicon Beach. Mix in the great talent from media and entertainment and a unique culture has been born.

Having that tech startup presence in Los Angeles and reverting back to past roots revolving around a very industrial community, LA and its Silicon Beach now seem to be going through a rebirth in its technology industry. Media, Big Data, Video, Trading, Gaming, and the “Internet of Things” are kicking off and companies, real estate markets and HQ’s are adapting as fast as they can.

Like the recent success at T5@Dallas and T5@Atlanta, T5@LA has gone with the idea “If you build it, they will come” and that is exactly what’s happening! We’re excited to be part of this vibrant new community.

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