What does design flexibility really mean in the data center world?

From the development side, T5 was founded on the premise of providing high quality, enterprise grade data centers designed to be flexible to meet the specific requirements of the corporate world. As end users have pushed away from building their own data centers and migrated to wholesalers to meet their IT needs, flexibility is critical in attracting these users.

Once users check the box on the standard requirements like location, resilient utilities, wind rated building shells and appropriate cooling systems, they then want wholesalers to provide the design amenities that have been utilized in their legacy data centers.

Our goal at T5 is to provide as wide a menu as possible of data center amenities for our tenants to consider and implement. We have been listening to our customer’s feedback on the shortcomings in the wholesale market.

Providing dedicated, secure suites where users can control their own efficiency is key. Most users don’t want to share any more than they have to and they don’t want a neighbor that can negatively affect their data center’s performance. Users want a cooling system that can scale with density and respond to a range of inlet air temperatures in an efficient way. Users want to control their own PUE. Having systems that can address high density designs with supplemental thermal storage and mechanical UPS systems is important.

Having the space programmed for 2N UPS modules, additional fuel storage and additional battery EOL are popular requests. Sometimes the requests are as simple as providing ample room to expand office requirements and allocating space for burn-in so that the data suite is kept clean. Programmed physical storage is always a subject that is important to our customers. Are Factory Mutual requirements important to your company? We address those requirements down to FM approved cooling towers that are used in our data centers. UL 1558 switchgear? No problem if that is your requirement.

T5 provides custom built data center solutions. Don’t settle for less.

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