Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Comes of Age

The Internet age has become the era of instant gratification. Information is immediately accessible via the web, and database queries and transactions are completed in real-time thanks to cloud networks and global communications infrastructures. With the demand for real-time data access comes the need for real-time insight into the network infrastructure. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is now available to provide real-time data center insight and control.

Like most enterprise technology platforms, DCIM did not appear overnight. DCIM took time to develop, integrate, and test to prove its value. However, with the help of Schneider Electric’s StruxtureWare for Data Centers, T5 now offers T5 Insight, a DCIM solution that gives our customers and our own infrastructure management team a comprehensive view of data center performance.

T5 Insight, powered by StruxtureWare, gives our customers true transparency into data center operations. It provides centralized visibility and control into their enterprise systems from anywhere, including handheld devices, so administrators can monitor cooling efficiency, power consumption, and even space layout and the network itself. Our DCIM solution was created to provide true insight into what’s going on in the data center, providing a complete picture to promote more efficient operations. For our larger customers, they are intermingling their own network operation, T5’s colocation services, and cloud resources and T5 Insight gives them the same operational information they would for their own networks but across the entire infrastructure. The objective, of course, is to promote more efficient data center operations.

DCIM is just part of T5’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service. We committed significant time talking to customers, prospects, and vendors to identify those features that matter most in a DCIM solution. We elected to use StruxtureWare because of its feature set, and because Schneider Electric is one of the acknowledged leaders in the market. The resulting DCIM platform offers a level of insight and control to customers previously unavailable. It’s a win-win; we get a complete picture of what’s happening on the data center floor, and our customers get a better understanding of their data center deployment to make the optimal use of available space.

T5 is also helping turn DCIM data into intelligence to improve data center strategic planning using big data analytics. As a colocation provider, one of our greatest challenges is supporting multiple customers across a single data haul. With real-time analytics powered by DCIM, we can make real-time decisions about the infrastructure.

The power of DCIM is no longer a promise, but a real platform delivering real insight that allows T5 and its customers to do more with less. With DCIM as part of our data centers, we can give our customers the control they need to align their data center operations with their business objectives.

To learn more about how T5 Data Centers is utilizing DCIM for our customers, watch these videos.


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