T5 Q&A Blog – PTC 23 JSA TV interview

In a recent JSA TV interview from PTC ‘23 in Honolulu, HI, T5’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Craig McKesson talks about what sets the company apart: “Forever On” facilities management with the goal of a smaller carbon footprint. 

JSA: Welcome to JSA TV, Craig. If we look at PTC as a calibration point for the upcoming year, what are seeing/hearing throughout the industry?

McKesson: Thank you. Certainly demand and growth continue to be overarching themes, with expansion being a big topic. We are embracing this year to evolve and expand our services business and really grow as a full lifecycle provider. 

JSA: Can you talk us through what T5 experienced in the last part of 2022 and what you are really focused on in the future?

McKesson: Sure, as I mentioned we are really putting both feet into the services business. We also launched our facilities management into Europe with the operation of a large hyper-scale facility for a customer in Denmark and we really have a great team on the ground there. We are looking forward to using that as a launching pad for further expansion into Europe. 

Of course, sustainability is a big focus for our industry and something we are all really starting to embrace. 

JSA: It is so great to have T5 as part of the Greener Data and overall sustainability initiatives! Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with iMasons to further sustainability goals. 

McKesson: Yes, last year T5 became a founding member of the iMasons Climate Accord. The accord now has upwards of 200 companies and the goal is to come up with a common methodology to account for, track and report our collective carbon footprint. What’s cool about that is one company alone can’t really have an impact, but when we all combine as an industry and do it in the same way, then we can actually make a difference together. 

We are working with great partners like nZero, a carbon reporting company, which has a great platform that allows us to baseline measure our carbon outputs. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 

JSA: Exactly! And you are also part of our new directory, right? 

McKesson: We are! JSA is also leading the charge on these efforts as well and it’s great to be part of this ecosystem. We have put together a monthly sustainability newsletter “Forever Green” that goes out to all of our clients, which is a great resource to compile all things sustainability that are going on within our industry. 

JSA: So what’s next? What is on the horizon for T5 in 2023? 

McKesson: Well, besides all of that, of course we will continue to focus on our core business of developing data centers. We are continuing to explore a number of new markets to go into in 2023 that we will be looking forward to announcing this year. 

JSA: Exciting! So for those who can’t be here with us, how can folks get a hold of you?

McKesson: is the easiest way to reach out to us. We have mailing lists and encourage everyone to check out our Forever Green newsletter. 

JSA: Thank you so much for joining us and we look forward to more exciting updates from T5! 

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