Leadership Makes the Difference


Leadership Makes the Difference

Bringing rigorous facility management to a leading global cloud provider

High Touch Leadership

With leadership team members on site and a culture of empowerment, we could not only hear needs and make recommendations for improvement, we made them happen fast.

Growing from 3 States to 3 Continents

As their needs grew, we grew with them. We began the engagement at sites in 3 U.S. states and grew to 3 continents.

Increased Work Order Completion

Operating at scale doesn’t need to be inefficient. ┬áHundreds of incomplete work orders in a single facility was the standard. We cut the incompletion rate tenfold, which drove increased performance across the campus and the portfolio.

Created Day 1 Procedures to Ensure Success

A lack of Day 1 procedures forced them to often delay commissioning or pull PMs from other initiatives. We stepped in, wrote the procedures, executed the processes, and they opened on time.


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