A High Profile Outage Reveals Gaps


A High Profile Outage Reveals Operational Gaps

Bringing Forever On Performance to mission critical operations

After a Large Scale Outage at its Largest Hub, They Called T5

The client’s mission critical operations center lost power, canceling thousands of flights and costing the company over $100M. They called in T5 to provide solutions and we delivered.

T5 Took the Lead on Data Center Operations

The solution set, consistent performance, and culture fit we demonstrated in the initial engagement helped build a strong partnership that led to T5 taking over facility operations and IT support of the client’s multiple data centers.

T5’s Facility and Construction Services Teams Initiated a Broad Assessment

Fixing the initial outage was only the beginning. T5’s assessment of the data center uncovered numerous underlying issues and vulnerabilities.

Equipment and Procedures Needed a Revamp

T5 initiated a program of top-to-bottom upgrades of the physical infrastructure and the procedures for running the data center.


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