FOREVER ON: T5’s Charlotte Data Center Gets 100% Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute

At T5, we are continuously striving to improve our commitment to being “Forever On”. We are thrilled to share that those efforts have paid off with an extremely significant distinction. T5 recently earned a perfect score of 100 from the data center industry’s gold standard bearer organization. The Uptime Institute* Professional Services performed a Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval renewal assessment at T5@Charlotte.

T5’s achievement of a perfect score is not a small feat. The assessment was rigorous, with stringent requirements in the categories of:

  1. – Staffing and Organization
  2. – Maintenance
  3. – Training
  4. – Planning, Coordination and Management
  5. – Operating Conditions

The M&O criteria come from guidance set forth in the Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability. Significant accomplishments noted in the review include T5’s preventative maintenance program. Because we adhere to a maintenance schedule recommended by our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our data center equipment is maintained in like-new conditions at all times. Also noted is our commitment to emergency drills that keep technicians familiar with procedures, reducing the chance of human error. 

The review evaluated staff as well, including skill mix, qualifications and training to assess the effectiveness of the processes and maintenance supporting all operations at the T5@Charlotte facility. The Uptime Institute describes our team as a well-qualified and experienced staff.

“Receiving a score of 100 for Management and Operations is extremely impressive, and a credit to our people. The team’s knowledge level and skill set are instrumental in receiving this award,” said Tom Gormley, T5@Charlotte’s Critical Facility Manager. “We’re very excited about this achievement.”

This is the second such review for this site. T5@Charlotte previously scored 98.6. The reassessment score of 100 demonstrates that our Charlotte location continues to operate at a highly effective level and has gone above and beyond to implement improvements in processes and procedures to minimize the risk of outages. In addition, it’s important to note that T5 scored well above average compared to other data centers that have completed this assessment.

“Increasing our score from the previous assessment shows that constant improvement, training with drills, and strict adherence to the T5 Playbook create a ‘best in class’ facility management team,” Tom added.

It’s gratifying to see that our team is more than capable, and our processes are top-notch in the industry, which allows us to keep our customers up and running 100% of the time. T5 is proud to be your data center partner for success. To see how T5 can keep your critical facility Forever On, contact our team today!

*Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business-critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent performance certifications.

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