The Power of Expertise


The Power of Expertise

The Migration from Three Facilities to One Was Complex

Aging, inefficient facilities pushed this governmental organization to migrate 600 kW of IT load to a single new facility. The highly sensitive nature of the data required expert handling.

T5 Advised the Developer, Broker, and Owners

The development team needed an experienced data center partner to advise them on design, project management, and construction strategies. They called in T5.

And Led an Inexperienced Team Throughout the Development Process

Because of our exclusive specialization in data centers, T5 was able to guide the team from development through construction, defining the SLA, and lease structure, which created a high level of trust.

They Hired T5 to be the Long-Term Manager

The team’s confidence in T5 led them to hiring us to manage the facility’s ongoing mission-critical operations and deliver Forever On performance.


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