Delivering Flexibility For A New Product To Grow


Delivering Flexibility for a New Product to Grow

And realize a Hyperscaler’s ambitions.

Providing a Flexible Environment & Contract

The Hyperscaler needed to test and deploy its new product, a media and entertainment cloud service in a flexible environment.

Delivered with Top 10% Quality & Performance

The client measures the performance of its vendors every quarter. This was our first engagement with them, and T5 immediately reached the top 10% of all vendors world wide for our processes, procedures, and attention to detail.

With Requirements for Stringent Security Protocols

The client’s security requirements were exceptionally rigorous, including armed guards and layers of data hall safeguards. Our teams integrated to deliver the security layers successfully.

With Opportunity to Scale from Small to ??

If the product turns into a runaway success, the client needs a way to build capacity fast. We provided innovative flex options to enable their ambitions.


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