What is Data Center Modernization?

Now more than ever, business leaders understand the importance of data. It’s the foundation of long-term success via continuous improvement to processes that impact your business operations. But how can we ensure the same level of innovation in data center facilities? The answer: data center modernization. 

What is Data Center Modernization?

Simply put, data center modernization is the digital transformation of a data center to run more efficiently. Put another way, as more data is created each day, the way this information is stored, managed and processed is continuously being impacted. In order to keep data secure, it’s increasingly important for businesses to evaluate their IT infrastructure to ensure all processes are up-to-date on current operational trends like virtualization and automation.

When Should You Consider It?

The IT industry is an ever-changing landscape. Because of this, modernization is critical to the long-term success of your organization. Conversely,  relying on outdated processes exposes your critical operations to both internal and external threats that could otherwise be mitigated, including physical and cybersecurity, inefficient deployments, server errors and more. 

Implementing modern IT processes should be a constant process in your business structure. As capacity and server load demand continue to grow, it’s important to keep your infrastructure updated to meet these increasing demands. 

The Advantages

Data center modernization presents many benefits, such as increased IT deployment, heightened security standards, and more. But when it comes to your business, how does modernization impact operations in the long run? 

  • Modernization allows your organization to meet the changing demands of the industry with increased agility. By remaining agile in your IT processes, you improve your organization’s ability to implement and adapt to new technologies. 
  • With more visibility into your processes, you can uncover additional opportunities for growth. More important than the data itself is what businesses choose to do with that data. As information is collected and analyzed, modern processes allow you more visibility in how you can utilize the information at hand to work better for both your customers and your business. 
  • By staying up-to-date on your infrastructure, you draw attention to legacy systems that require updating. If you don’t know what IT equipment requires updating to begin with, it’s difficult to kickstart your data center modernization efforts. 
  • Data center modernization positions your organization to achieve better organizational outcomes. According to a 2019 Forrestor study, organizations that stay up-to-date with modern IT strategies are “3x more likely to meet user needs.”

While implementing updated IT strategies is not something that should be done at the drop of a hat, data center modernization is an important decision point in your overall IT strategy. A purpose-built data center and the IT infrastructure it holds is a long-term investment that, when developed and operated efficiently, will last an extremely long time. 

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