Veteran’s Day: Celebrating our workforce

At T5 Data Centers, we’re proud to support the Veteran community and are committed to providing opportunities for transitioning military personnel across our data center lifecycle platform. Veteran employment is critical to the national economy and our country, with veterans making up around six percent of the U.S. civilian labor force. This is an unfortunately low percentage, especially since the military employs professionals in all fields and at all career levels; thus forming the foundation for successful careers across the entire spectrum of the civilian workplace. 

While Veteran employment rates are typically lower than non-veteran rates, a recent LinkedIn study found that Veterans are 15.6 percent more likely to be underemployed than non-veterans. Underemployment is a significant issue facing veterans, particularly during their first few years out of the service. Underemployment, which differs from unemployment, encompasses those who engage in work that doesn’t fully use their skills and abilities.  

Many veterans often struggle to find jobs that use the ​​skills learned in combat in private-sector employment. Unfortunately, many companies believe that experience in the military is less relevant in corporate environments.  Not so at T5 Data Centers.  While other companies may not see the value in the skills veterans learn during their time in the service, T5 believes that veterans are equipped with the most important attributes for success in a dynamic, fast-paced industry; things like a mission-critical mindset, discipline, and the ability to work in teams are all skills and knowledge that transition effectively to data center work. We encourage veterans to take advantage of the skills they learned in the service and apply them to their work with T5, while fostering personal and professional growth.

“We realized early on that the unique demands of our industry were a great match for Veterans making the transition to the civilian workplace,” said Craig McKesson, a former United States Air Force Officer and T5’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer.  “Their ability to maintain a high attention to detail and lead under pressure is critical to successfully maintaining a 100% uptime environment for our customers so that they can focus on the core needs of their businesses.  We’re proud of the service our Veterans provided to our country and even more proud to have them on our team.”  

T5 is committed to military veterans, with former military personnel comprising over one-third of our workforce and over 40% of our industry-leading data center management and operations team. In addition to employees, T5 has also developed proprietary, military-inspired policies, procedures, training, and communication within our facility management and construction services divisions that are core components of our Forever On mindset and commitment.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we’re taking time to show our gratitude and appreciation to T5 Military members and all other Veterans who have served our country. 

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