FOREVER ON: T5 Enters European Market with Expansion of Facility Management Services in Denmark

T5 is pleased to announce the expansion of our third-party facility management services into Europe. On behalf of a large-scale data center customer, we have officially kicked-off operations and management of this global technology firm’s data center in Denmark.

The expansion into Denmark represents the first implementation in Europe of T5’s world-class critical facility management processes, procedures, and training programs to ensure our customer maintains a Forever On environment while minimizing impact on the climate.  These programs are underscored by T5’s commitment to excellence and our demonstrated track record of continuous uptime for our customers. Denmark has become a favored data center destination due to its focus on and dedication to continued investments in sustainability efforts. Denmark is a global leader in those efforts with 72% renewable energy in their power mix, forecasted to be 100% by 2027. The country’s robust connectivity and low latency to primary Internet hubs also strongly support continued data center expansion into the region. 

Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Mertz, who leads T5’s Facility Management and Construction Services divisions, said about the expansion, “Our facilities management evolution into Denmark aligns with T5’s core values of providing superior mission-critical facilities management to our clients as we continue to align with partners and regions committed to best-in-class digital infrastructure and renewable and sustainable practices.”

With a team of more than 40 critical facilities technicians and management personnel, T5 is also eager to participate in and support the local workforce in Denmark to promote careers within the mission-critical digital infrastructure industry. 

Invest in Denmark, an arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, worked with T5 to assist with this expansion and welcomes T5 as the company initiates operations in  Scandinavia for its first entry into the European market. “I am very excited that T5 has chosen to expand its data center facility management and operations platform in Denmark,” adds Anne Hougaard Jensen, Director of Invest in Denmark. “With T5’s focus on supporting enterprise and hyperscale customers with customized data center solutions, Invest in Denmark is proud to work with T5,” she continues.  “This new investment shows that Denmark is a perfect location for green digital investments. Renewable energy, low latency networks, and one of Europe’s most reliable power grids are just some of the reasons why global companies are looking at Denmark.”

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