Forever Safe, Forever On: T5 Achieves 1 Million Worked Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury

At T5, safety isn’t just something we preach, but something we practice. That’s why we’re proud to announce our achievement of one-million worked hours without a lost-time injury and 950,000 hours without any type of injury. This level of commitment to safety is a rare achievement for many industries and, as such, is a testament to T5’s commitment to our employees and processes that have made this astounding milestone possible. To reach this level of success, it takes strong employee engagement at all levels–from corporate to operational–in policies that empower employees to speak up when they feel unsafe. 

To further highlight the breadth of this achievement, we sat down with Gerald McKie, T5’s Technical Manager for Environmental, Health and Safety. McKie, having deep experience in safety management from operational to managerial positions, emphasized the impact safety has on a team and its ability to do good work. 

“The fact that you’re not having any injuries that are putting employees out of work, makes an employee that wants to come to your company feel better about the job. The idea that we haven’t had any injuries of that magnitude in this time is a huge accomplishment.”

What’s further, McKie highlights how safety plays a part in fostering team connection, thus leading to more efficient processes. With fewer lost-time injuries, the on-site teams can function more seamlessly together. 

How We Do It

To keep our employees safe on the job, T5 implements procedures and policies at a corporate level which are then trickled-down to individual sites. From there, site managers are tasked to adapt and adjust these policies to fit their specific site needs and team workflows. While site managers are in charge of the facility and their teams, T5 empowers ground-workers to prioritize their safety in every task. With the Stop Work Authority program, workers are emboldened to speak up and raise concerns when they feel unsafe or uninformed to complete a task. With this corporate-to-site structure, we’re proud to have found success in advocating for our employees to be transparent and consistent in communication with leadership.  

On any job site, it’s critical to have a strong on-site team that works together to provide exceptional support. With T5’s commitment to safety, facility teams can maintain consistency with strong group communication, employee engagement in safety protocols, and relationships with their managers to drive efficiency and sustainability in every critical facility. As a result, the T5 team has also been able to sustain a track record of 100% uptime for our customers nationwide.

While this achievement is great for T5, it’s also exciting news for T5 customers. With a dedication to workplace safety and 100% uptime, customers can feel confident that their facility management team is providing exceptional on-site support.

At T5, safety will always be a priority. With over one-million worked hours with no lost-time injuries and a record of 100% uptime, T5 is proud to be your data center partner for success. To see how T5 can keep your critical facility Forever Safe and Forever On, contact our team today!

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