Partner Spotlight: nZero

Real Time Carbon Tracking Will Provide Actionable Insights for Better Sustainability

As an industry, the data center sector is just starting to grapple with carbon emissions and exponentially growing power consumption at thousands of facilities worldwide. T5 Data Centers and nZero have been working together for nearly a year to understand and analyze T5’s carbon footprint across our operations. nZero’s 24/7 carbon tracking platform measures energy, emissions, and utility information to gather more transparent, efficient, and reliable digital carbon tracking throughout T5’s data center portfolio. With nZero’s 24/7 tracking platform, how, where and when energy is consumed can be measured with the greatest accuracy, allowing T5 and our clients to establish a more environmentally conscious path informed by historical and real-time data. The partnership leads the way towards actionable insights, improved sustainability goal setting, and ultimately reducing our carbon footprint.

nZero enables T5 to track their carbon emissions hour-by-hour, seeing how customer energy consumption and the power generation deployed to support it varies, as well as if the energy is coming from renewable or non-renewable sources. This allows for opportunities to improve operational and infrastructure inefficiencies and helps identify equipment needing replacement. nZero also ensures the best tariff is utilized and energy mix optimized for data centers that are in regulated energy markets. These outputs are invaluable to understanding how digital utilization and how we build our infrastructure impact our carbon outputs. As a result, their customers like T5 can make smarter, greener decisions for their business and enable their customers to do the same.

Shawn Novak, nZero’s Chief Revenue Officer, has worked in the data center industry for over twenty years. His love of the outdoors led to an increased awareness of the impact of technology on the environment. “As somebody who regularly enjoys life outdoors, I could actually see changes happening over time and not in a positive way. Although technology and the digital infrastructure that supports it are critical to modern-day advancements and conveniences, we need to hold ourselves accountable for our environmental impacts.” Novak’s focus at nZero is to provide optimized, automated solutions that provide accurate data which then leads to informed emissions-reducing decisions for their customers as they consider their part in achieving Net Zero.

“We are in the very early stages of collecting and analyzing baseline data through our partnership with nZero, but automating, standardizing and analyzing real data is a game changer for T5 and will allow us to fulfill both our internal corporate sustainability goals, as well as provide usage data to our customers,” Craig McKesson, T5’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer adds. “Data is our informant and is the thing that keeps us true to our ESG values. We couldn’t do that accurately and efficiently without a partner like nZero.”

In addition to providing a platform to effectively measure our carbon outputs in real time, nZero enables T5 to sync all of our utility data, including  water and gas usage, to provide a holistic view of the total emissions across our operations. The platform also allows T5 to capture, track and manage our entire carbon footprint, inclusive of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. A 360-degree view of all three emission types facilitates a better understanding of the impact across our entire operation so we can focus our efforts on opportunities to reduce each one across our value and supply chains.

Automating data streams and then connecting that data to the company’s financial intelligence processes eliminates vast amounts of time and dollars spent trying to centralize, manage and understand our utility data. Resources can then be reallocated toward action, innovations sparked, and positive sustainable change executed, a fundamental mission for T5, their customers, and the planet.

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