Live from Metro Connect:
T5 Embodies “Forever Safe. Forever On.”

Fresh from the energetic shores of Miami, T5 has returned to business refreshed and renewed.  Craig McKesson, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, Peter Almond, engaged in a highly successful event! Back in person, this year’s Metro Connect Conference included great networking and fantastic content, including a spotlight interview of our team by JSA TV.

We sat down with JSA TV to talk about our latest announcement, a significant milestone, and what’s on the horizon for the company.

Among the topics covered by Craig and Peter were T5’s recent announcement of a new Fed Cloud data center campus located adjacent to US Army Cyber Command headquarters in Augusta, GA along with the achievement of a significant milestone for T5’s leading Facility Management and Operations platform: completing two million worked hours without a lost-time accident. This impressive milestone is the result of our very proactive safety culture, as well as having processes and training in place to help ensure that culture is ingrained within our team at every level. This impeccable safety record, coupled with 100% uptime, delivers on T5’s promise of “Forever Safe. Forever On.” 

On the facilities management side, we explained that we not only operate and oversee our own data centers, but also do so on behalf of enterprises all over the United States. T5 now manages 55 data centers around the U.S, with over 500MW of power currently under management.

“The root of our FM [facilities management] practice actually started with our customers asking for us to come into their facilities and [implement] our processes, procedures, training, all of those things that really keep their facility up and running 24/7/365. We saw an opportunity there to branch out and really grow that platform into what we believe is the leading FM services platform in the industry.” Craig McKesson

Click here to watch the interview in its entirety.

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