How the Pandemic Has Impacted Data Center Cybersecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the organizational landscape in every aspect, from the way we handle daily tasks to the reliability and security of the data centers that enable businesses around the globe. As companies of all sizes work to lessen the impact of the virus on their operations, some organizations have found themselves increasingly concerned about data center cybersecurity.

It seems that as the total number of cases continues to grow, so does our reliance on the Internet; for work, schooling, healthcare and nearly all facets of business and daily life. As a result, data centers have had to account for this massive increase in online traffic, data consumption and creation. As a leading full lifecycle data center partner, our goal is to protect and serve your data center needs during this time and keep our customers’ businesses Forever On. 

Here are some of the ways data center cybersecurity has been impacted amid the pandemic.

IT Support for Increased Internet Traffic

With millions of people working remotely, internet browsing and streaming services have become a more frequented pastime than usual. As Internet traffic continues to increase, so does the demand for data centers as user information and data consumption surges. As people continue to rely on the Internet in their daily and professional life, more accessible data centers are needed to ensure connections are instantaneous and stable, and user information is secure. As part of regular security and compliance, the data center industry is well-versed in operating in difficult circumstances and environments. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new considerations as it relates to data creation, consumption and storage.  

Collaborative Software for Now Remote Businesses

Internet traffic isn’t the only thing on the rise. As more companies shift to online business models, services like cloud storage and videoconferencing have skyrocketed – presenting a greater need for secure, seamless and fast connections via modernized data centers. As these collaborative services become more critical to business operations than ever, data centers have had to support a rapidly expanding cloud while continuing to protect private information. Though this migration was expected to happen with the arrival of 5G, the pandemic has accelerated cloud growth much faster than anticipated. As data centers continue to prioritize standard safety and security protocols, businesses are able to operate with ease of mind when it comes to data privacy. 

Prioritize Service Support

When it comes to data center cybersecurity amidst the pandemic, establishing a framework to identify an organization’s risks and prioritizing those risks based on a DCIM response strategy is critical. Ahead of the pandemic, many organizations lacked a solid, comprehensive grasp of where its IT assets are located and how they are secured. Today, understanding how data center technology impacts daily business operations has been foundational for many executives as they navigate secure online and cloud business models. With a lifecycle partner like T5, your team is able to take a collaborative approach to support your changing business needs for the long run. As workloads shift to the cloud, supportive IT equipment and data center cybersecurity have become a leading priority for data center providers. 

Maintaining Data Security

Maintaining safe and stable Internet connections isn’t the only concern plaguing data centers during this time. Increased Internet traffic means more at-risk information, making cybersecurity all the more critical. Today, as new threats arise during this time of increased traffic, your data center cybersecurity team will have the necessary tools to mitigate risks accordingly. Many data centers have been proactive in reevaluating customers’ emergency response plans during this period of crisis in the case of a major disaster with significant downtime or data loss. As a result, leading data center service partners have established new plans accordingly to ensure customers can successfully recover from internal and external threats amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By partnering with T5, our critical facility and data hall operations team ensures your IT infrastructure operates efficiently and safely during unprecedented times. Ready to mitigate any risks of potential downtime for your facility? See how we can help, contact our team today.

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