T5: Forever On Insights 2024 Winter Edition

Welcome to the Winter 2024 issue of our newsletter, T5: Forever On Insights

Free White Paper: Examining AI’s Impact on Infrastructure

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize nearly every industry but fully realizing its potential requires rethinking digital infrastructure. Our newest white paper, “The Evolving Impact of AI on Digital Infrastructure,” explores how data centers, power systems, networks, cooling and supercomputing are evolving to meet AI’s increasing needs.

“The exponential increase in data generation and computing power that’s needed to train and deploy ever-growing sophisticated AI algorithms has necessitated massive investments in these areas now, not years down the line.” said David Horowitz, T5 Data Centers, EVP of Leasing. 

Discover how infrastructure innovations will enable cutting-edge AI applications in the data center industry. You’ll also learn how choosing a partner like T5 to help deploy and manage these solutions will set you up for success in the future as technology continues to evolve.

Download the white paper today for the latest insights on the infrastructural backbone powering our AI future.

West7Center Taps T5 Data Centers as Facility Management Partner

T5 brings its “Forever On” promise and sterling reputation to LA, by partnering with West7Center, a highly secure, carrier-neutral, Tier III facility. T5’s seasoned critical operations team brings its demonstrated track record of delivering 100% uptime 100% of the time to the facility, ensuring customers receive exceptional leadership, proven processes and procedures, and unmatched training and safety programs. Read more about the news here.

T5 Powers Chicago with Gibson Electric

We took Gibson Electric inside our data center in Elk Grove Village for a glimpse of the data systems that power everything from your personal Cloud storage to the emails you send at work.

The episode features insights our very own Robbie Sovie, LEED AP and Executive Vice President, Development & Construction, along with expertise from Matt Kelly, LEED AP, Gibson Electric an Emcor Company, Senior VP Operation.

Ensuring reliable electrical systems is a top priority for Gibson Electric, the mission-critical construction contractor for T5 Data Centers. Even brief seconds of downtime could have significant consequences for T5’s facilities. As a Powering Chicago partner expanding T5’s 174,000 square foot data center by an additional 30,000-40,000 square feet, Gibson Electric focuses on building to avoid interruptions. Once complete, the expanded facility will reach 30 megawatts of capacity. We look inside at how Gibson Electric specifically designs and builds T5’s data centers to prevent downtime issues and ensure continuous operation.

We welcomed David Mettler to the T5 family as our Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over 20 years of experience driving growth strategies for leading digital infrastructure companies, Mettler will oversee all marketing and sales operations as EVP of Sales and Marketing to support T5’s strategic plans.

T5 COO Tom Mertz says Mettler’s “expertise in overall strategy, sales development and customer enablement will be invaluable as T5 grows its market footprint.”

Mettler looks forward to working with the T5 leadership team to help clients meet their data center capacity and operations needs through meaningful planning, engagement and delivery. Read more about Mettler’s recent appointment.

Connect with David on LinkedIn.

T5 in Paradise at PTC’24

Steven Holland, Rikki Wells, CDCP, David Horowitz, David Mettler, and David Roberts were in Hawaii for PTC’24 to meet with like-minded professionals to discuss the benefits of T5’s lifestyle services, facility management and construction services.

David Mettler caught up with JSA TV to discuss the impact of AI on infrastructure and how facility management service providers kike T5 can create strategies for success. Watch below.

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