Data Hall Support: The Top 4 Offerings of an Expert Partner

Inside a data center, it’s normal to see server cabinets secured within a walled space, supported by overhead support grids and raised floors for cooling. This area, the data hall, houses critical infrastructure with extra security and privacy. More than just housing infrastructure, data halls require an expert level of support to ensure their long-term health, availability, and efficiency. As a result, choosing the right operations partner is critical.

Without proper data hall support, your IT equipment (ITE) faces a certain level of susceptibility and inefficiency. With a dedicated smart hands support team, you’ll be equipped to lower energy consumption and overhead costs and improve health diagnostics. Not only that but with proper optimization, they can drastically reduce the risk of downtime for your ITE. So, what makes an expert partner?

What makes an expert data hall support partner?


With longstanding experience in the data center industry, an expert partner will be up-to-date on best practices. From DCIM and critical facility management to modernization and more, it’s important to find a partner that understands the daily and aging criticalities of IT infrastructure. As an experienced industry player, your partner can optimize and transform fragmented operations to save you time, energy and money.


Having an expert partner with the appropriate certifications and qualifications is critical. Not only does this ensure all processes and procedures follow best practices, but it’s an added layer of assurance and compliance. With proper credentials to back their support, you’ll benefit from exceptional leadership, trained technicians, and a proven track record and continuous uptime.

Industry Expertise

With the arrival of 5G, COVID-19, and external threats of inclement weather and natural disasters, an expert partner can help navigate you through high-risk situations. With their deep-rooted industry knowledge, their experience makes them more equipped to guide by example and with confidence.

More important than choosing an expert data hall support partner are the services they provide.

The Top Offerings of an Expert Data Hall Support Partner:

Remote Hands & Technical Support. With a dedicated, 24/7 remote hands team, you’ll rest assured that your critical infrastructure is being monitored and supported by mission critical experts day and night.

IT Asset Management & Capacity Planning. As data consumption and creation continues to grow, asset management and capacity planning ensure your ITE is capable to support ever-changing data thresholds.

Data Hall Planning & Project Management. By partnering with an industry expert, you’ll have access to project management and data hall planning services that properly support your current and future needs.

Lifecycle Leadership & Expertise. With lifecycle capabilities, your data hall support partner can monitor every area of your data center–from design and development to ongoing management and modernization for the future.

When it comes to expert data hall support, T5 is proud to be a trusted leader for today’s leading companies. Our Uptime award-winning critical facility management services provide continuous uptime, round-the-clock support and unmatched efficiency.

Talk with a T5 pro today and see how we can be your next data hall support partner.

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