Data Center Construction: Why You Need a Lifecycle Partner

Since the start of the global pandemic in March, global internet patterns have changed dramatically. In fact, preliminary statistics have shown as much as a 70% increase in online traffic in the U.S alone. This massive shift in data consumption underscores the need for accessible, reliable data centers, causing many businesses to consider new data center construction.

When it comes to data center design and construction, not all facilities are created equal. There are many considerations to keep in mind throughout the pre-planning process such as location, capacity, network resiliency, infrastructure design and more. Of particular importance is the consideration of tradeoffs between initial design and construction with long-term operations and maintenance of your data center. Small decisions made early in the process in order to minimize initial costs can have a substantial impact on the overall total cost of occupancy, in addition to its overall performance. With so many factors to keep in mind, it’s important to choose an expert data center lifecycle partner to guide you through the process. 

What’s a Data Center Lifecycle Partner?  

In the data center landscape, a lifecycle partner is one that is involved throughout each phase of your mission critical strategy. From pre-planning and ideation to development and ongoing management, a lifecycle partner has the capacity to support your data center facility each step of the way. As it relates to data center development and construction, choosing a lifecycle partner will ensure your facility is positioned for long-term security, reliability and success. 

Choosing the right partner for your data center project will allow unprecedented access to key industry resources and vendors you might not be able to access otherwise. Here are a few reasons why you should look for a data center lifecycle partner:

  1. Unique Owner Operator Perspective

With longstanding relationships and experience in the industry, an ideal lifecycle partner has an extensive background in ownership, development, construction and operations, and management that allows them to better align with your needs. 

This unique perspective allows both you and your partner a deeper understanding of what’s needed to ensure a successful data center construction project – fostering an unmatched level of collaboration throughout the entire partnership. 

  1. Turnkey Construction and Equipment Procurement

Another result of a partner’s solid industry experience and reputation is their ability to tap into competitive pricing structures for project development, land acquisition and equipment procurement. With the right partner, you’ll benefit from turnkey services priced lower than industry averages, including design, procurement, construction, commissioning and more. 

  1. Contract Flexibility and Transparency

In any partnership, communication, collaboration and transparency is extremely important in supporting the goals of each party involved. When it comes to data center development and construction, an expert partner should understand that your overarching goal goes deeper than transparency, requiring a more meaningful level of convenience and flexibility. With flexible contract structures, a lifecycle partner ensures your organizational needs are met in full with complete visibility around the project scope.      

  1. Experience and Principal Involvement

Looking beyond data center development and construction, a lifecycle partner is prepared to support each aspect of your mission critical strategy beyond the final commissioning. By leveraging a dedicated project team made up of development, construction and operations experts, you’ll also have direct and immediate access to key decision-makers–offering accountability and expertise to further guide the success of the project from inception through the life of the facility. 

T5 is proud to be a leading lifecycle partner to today’s hyperscale and enterprise customers. From design and development to ongoing critical facility management, T5 provides a ‘Forever On’ environment to support your business. 

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