5 Reasons Why a Wholesale Data Center May be Right for You

When it comes to data center colocation, there are a number of options available from today’s leading data center providers. With so many solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to find what’s right for your business and its data management needs. For those exploring a colocated solution, here’s why a wholesale data center may be right for you.  

What is a Wholesale Data Center?

Simply put, a wholesale data center is a facility that allows enterprise businesses to lease dedicated or private  space, or even the entire facility to house their IT infrastructure. While many providers offer pre-built colocation solutions, wholesale data centers also allow you to opt for a customized or turnkey data hall infrastructure built to your specifications. How do you know if this solution is a good fit for you?

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a wholesale data center: 


Facility size and scalability make wholesale data centers a popular choice for larger businesses or enterprises with large power needs. With build-to-suit and powered shell leasing options, you’re able to customize your data center space and power capacity to fit your exact needs, while leaving room to scale as needed. 


Aside from design flexibility, wholesale data centers boast many advantages when it comes to customization. When built to customer specifications, wholesale options offer flexible blueprints for security, mechanical and electrical systems, customized data hall infrastructure, plus additional space to include office, staging, and storage rooms. 

Carrier Neutrality

Unlike retail options, wholesale solutions offer carrier-neutral facilities. Carrier neutrality allows the customer to specify and choose their connectivity solution from a diverse group of service providers within the building. With multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider) options, carrier-neutral facilities benefit from competitive market pricing; that is, service providers offering incentives to keep their prices low for customers.  


Whether you opt for a powered shell or build-to-suit facility, partnering with a data center provider for a wholesale solution gives you the opportunity to lease the correct amount of space and power in key markets to match your business needs. Handling everything from expert site selection to property acquisition and facility management, choosing the right development and construction services partner gives you the unique advantage to operate in some of today’s most competitive data center markets. 


Compared to on-premise data centers, cost savings is a leading factor in the decision to choose a wholesale data center. When businesses decide to build and manage their IT and data on-site, they face a host of challenges such as reduced reliability, fragmented IT infrastructure, increased power and operational costs, and more. By choosing a wholesale data center partner, you gain access to their advantageous pricing structures they’ve acquired through economies of scale and from long standing relationships with market vendors. This can include cost savings across the entire data center lifecycle, from design, construction, and facility management fronts. 

At T5, our custom enterprise and hyperscale solutions are purpose-built to offer unmatched reliability, connectivity, and maximum uptime. With expert construction and facility management services, our team can help bring your ideal data center to life. Contact us today to learn more.

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