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T5 Data Centers developed T5@Atlanta in 2012. T5@Atlanta was built as a purpose-built, server-ready multi-tenant data center offering concurrently maintainable infrastructure to support companies with various data suite sizes and density requirements from 10 racks to over 2,500. T5@Atlanta was developed to provide its tenants with autonomous data suites that are fully separated by slab-to-deck fire-rated walls, ensuring the utmost in secure data center operations. T5@Atlanta was operated to meet all HIPAA, HITECH and PCI compliance requirements providing a highly secure environment to support IT business functions.


T5@Atlanta Facility Features

  • M&O Uptime Institute Certified
  • Tier III-plus MEP design
  • N+1 and 2N MEP configurations available
  • 100,500 square feet under one roof
  • 54,383 square feet raised floor
  • Critical IT load of 7,500 kW
  • Densities of 120 w/square feet – 200+ watts/square feet
  • 100% of back-of-house infrastructure operations and maintenance provided by T5FM
  • Highly efficient chilled water plant with economization drives low PUE
  • Significant tax incentives
  • Multiple redundant power feeds
  • 185 mph wind rated structure
  • LEED Silver Certification
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant
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