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John Crews

Critical Facilities Manager – Charlotte VII
John Crews

John is responsible for managing a team of technicians and the day-to-day operations for T5@Charlotte VII. John oversees all site critical infrastructure operations, safety, client relationships, preventative maintenance, infrastructure modifications, and vendor management.John began his Mission Critical experience with Wachovia as an Assistant Chief Engineer in 2001.

John brings with him 18 years of experience in Mission Critical operations with an extensive working knowledge of plant management, critical power distribution, preventative and predictive maintenance, safety, communication protocols, and continuous improvement.

John has strong operational management and customer service skills, as well as excellent interpersonal skills in communications, client relations, vendor management and negotiation.

John came to T5 in 2016 during construction of the Facility. Some major accomplishments include, Tier III Certification for Operational Sustainability (Gold), and Accredited Operational Specialist awarded by the Uptime Institute.


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