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Hector Espinoza

Critical Facilities Manager - Dallas I
Hector Espinoza

As the Critical Facilities Manager for T5@Dallas, Hector assists managing day-to-day operations of the Dallas facility. This includes the oversight of preventative maintenance, policies and procedures, T5 vendors and contractors and security personnel.

Hector has been with the T5@Dallas site since inception (2012). Hector has been one of the operational pillars in Dallas and has been the go-to guy for the team and customers.  Hector is a role model for his team and they have been very supportive of him.  Hector has been instrumental in improving relationships with our customers by providing individualized support on a day-to-day basis.  Over the years, Hector has supported the T5FM senior leadership on multiple Dallas projects.

Hector came to T5 from Lee Technologies/Schneider Electric.

Contact information:
Email Hector here.
Phone: 469.277.8882

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