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The T5FM Difference

Mike Casey is never shy about sharing the “T5 Difference.” As President, T5 Facilities Management, Mike leads the T5FM charge to provide the highest quality facility management and operations service in the industry.

T5FM Four Pillars of Management: Safety

The culture here at T5 is simple, we want all our customers to be successful, while maintaining our facilities. This means ensuring our data centers are held to the highest safety standards and creating a culture where spotting safety risks is always a top priority.


T5FM Four Pillars of Management: Communication

Communication is one of the four pillars of T5 Facilities Management, contributing to customer satisfaction. Our highly skilled managers & technicians are not only technically sound, they are able to customize communication, as well as report & escalate protocols for each specific customer.

T5FM Four Pillars of Management: Training

Learn why training is one of our four pillars of T5 Facilities Management. John Ducic explains in the video above how T5FM’s training is modeled after the U.S Navy Nuclear Training Program. It’s safe to say your critical data is in good hands with T5.