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T5 Construction Services Featured in Construction Global

Construction Global interviews Robbie Sovie, Senior Vice President, Development, on how T5CS excels at various service offerings: Turnkey data hall projects; data center upgrade/expansion projects; equipment procurement; and project management and consulting.

Outsourced Data Centers: One Overall Concern

When a company evaluates a third party corporate data center for colocation or disaster recovery, the price of services is usually a concern. However, it is not the main concern. . .while one corporate data center operator may provide them with a lower price for monthly service, will that operator be the most highly available data center operator for that company’s applications?

Dallas T5 Data Centers

Commissioning: How to Break the System in Order to Achieve Success

Although some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, from an outsider’s perspective, Data Centers are “gray” boxes, filled with “black” boxes… But to the insiders, data centers are beautifully crafted facilities managing the world’s data and anxious to be put to the test! How do you put a data center to the test?

Constructing the Concrete Clouds

Enterprise businesses and individuals alike are moving closer and closer to complete cloud computing. This of course doesn’t mean that our data is being stored up in the sky somewhere, but in a network of worldwide data centers off-site from our actual computers and devices.


Computerworld features T5 Data Centers

Read a recent T5 interview with Computerworld. Jimmy Bailey, Chief Development Officer, discusses energy efficiency tactics including the benefits of indirect evaporative cooling systems.