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T5@Atlanta III, the Southeast’s premier server-ready, multi-tenant enterprise data center, offering concurrently maintainable infrastructure designed for flexible data hall sizes and density requirements. Our tenants benefit from secure data halls and complete control of their applications and servers while T5 supplies 24/7 operations to ensure our clients never have to worry if their critical functions are running. T5@Atlanta III will meet all SOC2, HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements providing a highly secure environment to support IT business functions.

Why T5@Atlanta?

  • Georgia Power rates as low as $0.035/kWh
  • Sales Tax Incentives – ZERO sales tax on computer servers and IT software applications
  • Property Tax abatements will be passed through to tenants for 10 years
  • Uptime Award winning T5 Facilities Management, 100% Uptime, low operational costs
  • Operational standards to meet HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI compliance requirements. Annual SOC-2 Audits provided
  • Options to configure customized hard-wall dedicated data suites for each customer
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