2018 Data Center Strategies – Part 1

Published Jan 5, 2018 by Melissa Gurule

We at T5 Data Centers want to be here for you to make this assessment as easy and transparent as possible. We’ve compiled a list of questions to consider that our customers have found beneficial while evaluating their data center strategy

Data Center Natural Disaster Preparedness: Part IV:

Published Oct 5, 2017 by Chris Klem

September was a month of historic natural disasters across the world. Hurricanes and Earthquakes have headlined our news nearly weekly, and have caused us to re-evaluate our security situations professionally and personally.


Data Center Natural Disaster Preparedness: Part III:

Published Oct 2, 2017 by T5 Data Centers

‘Tis the Season. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. Strong EF-3 Tornadoes touching down in New Orleans, and parts of Alabama and Tennessee. Every year, we’ll see significant weather events in the Southeast, but this year, it sure seems like Mother Nature has decided to kick it up a notch (or two)!

Data Center Natural Disaster Preparedness: Part II

Published Sep 21, 2017 by T5 Data Centers

Data centers should be built to withstand such disasters, but it is impossible to know the strength and force until the weather systems are upon us. Proper disaster evaluation is essential to lessen the impact of future disasters. In this series learn how T5 approaches natural disaster preparedness.

Data Center Natural Disaster Preparedness: Part I

Published Sep 20, 2017 by Michael Lee

T5 has written a four-part blog series sharing our perspective on what natural disasters and disaster recovery looks like for data centers. Data centers should be built to withstand such disasters, but it is impossible to know the strength and force until the weather systems are upon us.

Do You Understand Your Corporate IT Strategy?

Published Jun 26, 2017 by T5 Data Centers

T5 Data Centers helps our customers use consumable infrastructure service model options to optimize workloads and create better alignment with the demands of their businesses. T5 can help identify critical reasons to execute a colocation data center strategy.

Dallas T5 Data Centers

Best Practices For Data Center Facility Training & Communication

Published Mar 20, 2017 by T5 Facilities Management

No matter the industry, keeping the critical team members informed in every situation is a cornerstone of good operational practice. This holds especially true for a critical data center facility and plays an important part in T5 Facilities Management’s operational mindset.

Hybrid Cloud Is The New Way To Go

Published Mar 9, 2017 by Carter Myers

T5 Data Centers Enterprise Colocation Solution provides the built in architecture for your enterprises to deploy its Hybrid IT strategy.

T5 Data Centers – TheLEADER Magazine

Published Mar 8, 2017 by David Horowitz

T5 Data Centers is featured in the March issue of CoreNet’s monthly magazine TheLEADER. In this article, David Horowitz of T5 takes a look at the IT challenges faced by corporations to develop the most effective strategy for storing and managing their IT infrastructure.

5 Things We Can Learn From The AWS Outage

Published Mar 2, 2017 by Bob Kramlich

According to SimilarTech 148,213 companies rely on AWS S3. 3-4 trillion pieces of data are stored on it. When there’s an outage, we all are impacted to some extent. As more and more companies adopt a cloud-first or cloud-only strategy, incidents like the one on Feb. 28th will become more impactful.

5 Things To Consider After Choosing A Data Center Provider

Published Feb 14, 2017 by T5 Data Centers

Making the decision to put one’s computer infrastructure into a data center colocation facility is certainly a transformative process. Usually teams of stakeholders in a business have input on what they need in this process to better meet the demands of the business.

What Makes the Chicago Data Center Market Great?

Published Nov 22, 2016 by David Horowitz

Companies looking for efficient and cost effective data center solutions should look no further than Chicago. It’s a market with rich data center history that is risk averse to natural disasters or potential power grid failures because of its central location.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Comes of Age

Published Sep 19, 2016 by Craig Mckesson

With the demand for real-time data access comes the need for real-time insight into the network infrastructure. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is now available to provide real-time data center insight and control.