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The T5 Data Centers executive team has worked together since 1995. Experts in their respective field, they have delivered or operated over 100 mission critical facilities containing over 11 million square feet of space for some of the world’s leading companies. We believe our defining principles should be aligned with the interests of our clients. Please reach out to us, we’d love to talk to you.

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Meet the Executive Team

  • Pete Marin
    President, Chief Executive Officer

    As president of T5 Data Centers, Pete Marin is responsible for setting the overall strategy of the firm, capital management and maintaining client relationships. Pete’s broad reaching data center experience with multiple Fortune 100 companies.

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  • Jimmy Bailey Jimmy Bailey
    Chief Development Officer

    Jimmy Bailey leads T5’s development activities nationally for all of T5’s data centers. In this role he directs the design, engineering, construction and commissioning efforts for every T5 project and is responsible for making sure every project delivers at or below budget and on schedule.

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  • Aaron Wangenheim Aaron Wangenheim
    Chief Operating Officer

    As the Chief Operating Officer, Aaron provides leadership, strategy and management for T5 Data Centers. Aaron manages the performance of T5’s existing assets ensuring quality, efficiency, consistency and cost effectiveness in all aspects of operations within T5 Data Centers.

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  • Mike Casey Mike Casey
    President, T5 Facilities Management

    As President of T5FM, Mike is responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing T5FM’s vision, mission, and overall direction. Mike establishes T5FM’s short and long term goals and provides the strategy and leadership to achieve these goals.

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  • Craig McKesson Craig McKesson
    EVP, Commercial Markets

    Craig provides the strategic vision and direction for T5 Enterprise Services and is ready to roll-up his sleeves and dig-in to help craft the best solution for your data center needs.

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  • Frank-Lyles Frank Lyles
    Chief Business Officer

    As Chief Business Officer for T5, Frank Lyles is responsible for acquisitions, data center site selection, compliance, and legal.

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