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Senior Data Center Technician- Minneapolis, MN

Company: T5 Data Centers
Title: Senior Data Center Technician
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Job Number: 2017 – T5FM044 – DO2SDCT

**This position is located in Egan / Bloomington**

Job Description:

Critical Facilities Manager 

The Senior Data Center Technician (DCT) is responsible for supporting all aspects of data center critical and non-critical infrastructure operations throughout the year including, but not limited to back-of-house critical infrastructure and all related preventative maintenance and break-fix work, physical installation and de-installation of IT equipment, network cabling and power whips in the data hall, remote hands support and escorting of non-badged visitors that have a valid business need to access the critical areas, including the data hall, as well as:


  • Operate and maintain critical and non-critical data center infrastructure, equipment, and systems including, but not limited to: fire protection systems, generators, diesel fuel systems, UPS, floor and in-rack PDUs, power circuits / whips, circuit breakers remote power panels (RPP), floor static switches, transformers, automatic transfer switches, power infrastructure, mechanical infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, main and generator switch gear, batteries for all equipment, controls / building automation systems subfloor leak detection system, breakers for all equipment, load balancers and capacitor banks, and HVAC infrastructure and controls and systems (raised floor and non-raised floor), including, but not limited to air cooled chillers, chillers, chiller plant, water tower, air handlers
  • Work with a team of CFTs and DCTs to deliver total availability (100% uptime) while minimizing risks
  • Monitor power, cooling capacity, and environmental conditions within the data halls
  • Perform preventive maintenance on data center electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Perform power cycles, physical equipment, and cabling inspections
  • Receive, review, and install IT hardware components as directed
  • Swap out failed components as directed
  • Install, terminate, test and troubleshoot cabling. Single and multi-mode fiber, co-axe, Cat5, Cat6, etc.
  • Properly label, comb and bundle cables in accordance with T5FM standards
  • Upgrade or replace IT hardware components (server, device, or network) as directed
  • Remove and de-commission hardware as directed
  • Handle storage media
  • Troubleshoot issues by providing first-hand observation of IT hardware components to customer IT team
  • Monitor and report on equipment statistics, complete the appropriate round logs, PM work orders, and change management logs to track equipment and performance
  • Receive and track inventory for maintenance purposes
  • Assist with the development, revision, and execution of operating procedures and preventive maintenance inspections, and perform quality control reviews to ensure accuracy, clarity, and continual improvement
  • Respond to emergencies and critical issues as necessary and work independently and as a team, according to staffing and situation, towards complete recovery
  • Troubleshoot and document technical issues, escalates as appropriate, and ensure issue resolution
  • Complete and document regular facility rounds to ensure data center upkeep
  • Maintain accurate facility data including, rounds, PM work orders, change management, etc.
  • Escort and work effectively with outside contractors, ensure they are abiding by critical facility work rules
  • Work shifts to support 24×7 data center operation, and have flexibility in work hours to cover other shifts
  • Follow T5 data center corporate policies and procedures
  • Adhere to all federal, state, and local safety laws
  • Complete other such duties consistent with your role as you may be assigned by T5FM or customer management

Education and Experience:

  • High School Degree, required
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited college or university in a major relevant field of study or equivalent experience, required
  • 1-3+ years’ experience in Mission Critical Environments, required
  • Knowledge of IT infrastructure, technologies, and data hall management, required
  • 2+ years’ experience with data center IT hardware, infrastructure, and cabling, preferred

To apply or for more details, email us at jobs@t5datacenters.com.

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