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Data Hall Manager (IT Operations) – Atlanta, GA

Company: T5 Data Centers
Title: Data Hall Manager (IT Operations)
 Atlanta GA, United States
Job Number: 2017 – T5FM007 – DO1DHM

Job Description:

Data Hall Manager

The Data Hall Manager (DHM) is responsible for all aspects of the data hall IT equipment, systems, and supporting staff required to manage customer’s critical business operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Building and managing a staff of DCEs and DCTs with the necessary skill sets to accomplish data center operations that deliver total availability (100% uptime) while minimizing risks
  • Manage in accordance with client directives the delivery of IT physical support services including but not limited to: network infrastructure including physical and wireless networks, cabling, routers and switches, server infrastructure including physical and virtual servers and related wiring to support the equipment, other IT storage, IT security, systems backup and disaster recovery, and asset management
  • Manage network capacity planning, trouble-shooting, and technical optimization of the data network and telecommunication systems to maximize performance
  • Resolve all data hall IT issues which minimizing risk and communicate issues to customers and management
  • Plan and schedule all maintenance and upgrades to data hall IT equipment
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to technical staff
  • Schedule, coordinate, and review work handled by outside contractors and vendors
  • Enforce strict adherence to SLAs and change control activities
  • Assist and plan with the DCM and clients on data hall IT issues and resolutions, including business continuity
  • Assist the DCM in managing site safety, work-schedules, resource planning, project management support, and budget management
  • Provide on-call support and respond to all data center emergencies 24×7, including on site response outside of scheduled shifts
  • Complete other such duties consistent with your role as you may be assigned by T5FM management

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited college or university in a major relevant field of study or equivalent 5-7+ years’ experience in IT management, required
  • Minimum 5-years direct management of non-exempt shift based employees, required
  • Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure, technologies, and data hall management

To apply or for more details, email us at jobs@t5datacenters.com.

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