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Critical Facility Manager (Electrical/Mechanical) – Dallas, TX

Company: T5 Data Centers
Title: Critical Facility Manager (Electrical / Mechanical)
Location: Dallas TX, United States
Job Number: 2016 – T5FM020 – DALCFM

Job Description:

Critical Facilities Manager (Electrical / Mechanical)

The Critical Facilities Manager (CFM) has overall responsibility for all aspects of data center management and operations. They will create an unwavering attitude and commitment to safety and reliability within the Data Center as they build a team of Technicians, Assistant Managers, and outside contractors capable of achieving the goal of 100% availability. The CFM will drive continual improvements to the operation by creating an expectation of learning and development of their staff.


  • Manage the complete physical asset pertaining to the Operation and Maintenance of the critical and non-critical data center infrastructure equipment and systems
  • Build a staff of qualified technicians and junior managers with the necessary skill sets to deliver Total Availability (100% uptime) to T5’s customers while minimizing risk
  • Manage power and cooling capacity and monitor environmental conditions within the Data Halls
  • Resolve all electrical, mechanical and Fire Protection System issues in the data center while minimizing risk and business impact and communicate issues to management and customers in a timely manner
  • On-call 24×7 to respond to all data center emergencies
  • Manage the customer relationship and act as the single point-of-contact for all facility-related issues, including, but not limited to schedules, new business, projects, budgets and expansion and staffing
  • Manage the on-boarding of new sites by working closely with the T5D and T5FM teams to ensure a seamless transition from construction to operations with a goal of 100% compliance with all T5 standards, policies, and lease expectations
  • Manage day-to-day facilities support and operations staff, including coaching, progressive discipline, and separation
  • Oversee the development and accuracy of site-level operating procedures and other documentation
  • Manage oversight from preventive maintenance inspections and provide guidance on how to address issues
  • Determine actionable items to address Quality Control review results
  • Implement and develop standards for using the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to manage all planned and unplanned data center work
  • Audit all CMMS databases for accuracy and completeness, produce reports as required at customer request, control system access and user credentials
  • Manage access to the Data Center(s) ensuring the appropriate access control lists are maintained and reviewed regularly
  • Customize planned maintenance procedures and schedules to follow best practices and OEM recommendations
  • Assist and plan with clients on facilities issues
  • Make space and power recommendations to the customer and manage power and cooling capacity and environmental conditions within the data halls
  • Responsible for working with the VP FM to identify, document, and implement new policies and procedures as needed
  • Enforce strict adherence to Customer SLA parameters and Change Control activities, review and approve all system changes (set-points, thresholds, alarm-points, etc.) which could impact customer operations
  • Manage site safety and environmental compliance
  • Responsible for the development and execution of annual opex and capex budgets
  • Approve all facility invoices
  • Work closely with T5HR to identify, evaluate, and hire new employees; ensure new employees are on-boarded in a timely manner
  • Set, review and approve employee work/PTO schedules; audit and process employee time and payroll
  • Ensure that T5 training expectations are met and audit the process monthly
  • Identify, vet, and approve all sub-contractors who will perform work on-site
  • Develop PM contract scopes-of-work, negotiate contract terms and conditions, and ensure contract terms are fulfilled
  • Coordinate and guide site-tours for current and future customers and industry groups as needed
  • Assist with coordination with all other T5 groups (Development, Marketing, etc.) as needed
  • Manage onsite special projects as assigned

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited college or university in a major relevant field of study or equivalent 5-7+ years’ experience in mission critical environments, required
  • Minimum 5-years direct management of non-exempt shift based employees, required
  • Technical school with an emphasis on mission-critical operations, high-performance manufacturing, or relevant military operations (US Navy a plus), preferred

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies:

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills required for interacting with internal employees and leaders, and external contractors and customers
  • Exceptional analytical and decision-making skills required for understanding and evaluating complex problems, including analyzing a problem, identifying solutions, and selecting the best solution
  • Financial acumen including the ability to create and understand budgets, financial analysis, and invoicing
  • Able to prioritize work based on business and customer demands
  • Able to work within all levels of the organization
  • Able to participate and engage in C-level discussions and conversations pertinent to facility operations
  • Able to articulate concepts and ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Able to lead and contribute to customer-requested business reviews and audits
  • Able to understand and train others on electrical and mechanical systems, as well as other technical aspects of facilities management
  • Able to read and understand complex drawings, systems and other documentation


To apply or for more details, email us at jobs@t5datacenters.com.

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